The Kriega Waterproof Messenger Bag

We receive a Kriega Waterproof Messenger bag to review. I’ve been testing it for about a few weeks now and its safe to say the next bag I buy will likely be the Kriega Waterproof Messenger bag. The Kriega Messenger bag has a 16-liter main compartment with a roll-top mouth, a plastic-encased pouch underneath the bag’s flap, and a quick-access side pocket with water-resistant zippers.

It’s also made with durable materials like Cordura, Hypalon and ripstop nylon but still looks stylish enough to wear to work without being mistakes for a sloppy man bag.

Living in Thailand, and at end of the raining season, I’ve had enough opportunities to test how waterproof the Kriega Messenger bag is and it has come up trumps every time. You could almost swim with it. But another standout feature is how comfortable it is on longer rides. The strap, which can be swapped to your right of left side, is padded and contoured so that your shoulder doesn’t hurt when carrying heavy gear, and the quick-adjust buckle makes the bag easy to remove when you’re wearing bulky leathers.

Space-wise, there is room in the main compartment for lunch, a 17-inch notebook, a few books, a spare socks and pair of shoes. The front compartment is good for storing your keys, mobile and other small electronics. When you need things often and quickly, without having to unbuckle the bag, use the side pocket. If there’s still not enough space for you, the bag is also US-5 Drypack-compatible, which means you can add one or two of Kriega’s US-5 units for extra storage.

There are, however, a couple of things that could be improved. The roll-top mouth is a little overkill when it comes to keeping your gear dry – the flap already keeps the water out – and unrolling and unclipping the mouth when you want something can be annoying. Another small problem is the loose fabric on the inside of side pocket: it has a habit of catching in the zip if you’re not careful. Other than those niggles, though, the Kriega Messenger bag is more than all right.

If I’m correct, the Kriega Waterproof Messenger bag is sold in Bangkok, by the official distributor/dealer for 6,400 THB. The Kriega Bike Pack US-5, which can also be used as tailpack, cost 2,000 THB.

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