The Kriega US-20 Tail Bag - Two Years Old and Looks Good

I have this amazing Kriega US-20 tail pack for more than two years. I’d written about it before for another English language motorcycle magazine and concluded that it’d performed flawlessly. Two years later it’s still doing it – and that’s a sign of an extremely good product.

And as long-term testing goes, the Kriega US-20 tail pack has been through the wringer. I still use it frequently and have fitted it to at least half the motorcycles we have tested over the two-year period. I don’t know how many thousands of kilometers that might be by now, but in at least one aspect the pack has gone beyond mere milometers as a measure of its toughness. It has been swapped from motorcycle to motorcycle far more often than it was designed to be.

The straps that make up the main part of the mounting system are really intended to be put on one motorcycle and then trimmed to fit and left there. I’ve re-strapped the bag dozens of times and never trimmed the strap ends. I do carefully tie or tuck them out of the wind to reduce the damage done by flapping in the breeze or resting against an exhaust, but even so I reckon they’ve stood up to it better than expected. They’re quality items.

And that goes for the rest of it. There’s no wear worth mentioning, and if I don’t get another two years or more out of the Kriega US-20 tail pack I’ll be surprised.

The hooks of the mounting system are open but they’ve only come unhooked once, which was probably my fault. I was carrying my notebook in the Kriega and had it on a tiny pillion seat. Not wanting to bend or break the notebook, I didn’t pull the straps as tight as usual, so wasn’t surprised when one corner came undone. Happily, the bag barely moved. Properly tightened, I had no more trouble.

The Kriega US-20 tail bag is still waterproof, nothing has broken, and it hasn’t failed to fit any motorcycle I’ve put it on, even if some require a little more thought than others. It’ll even sit well on a solo-seated motorcycle like an Indian Scout; in that case I protected the paintwork with some duct take.

This much convenience and quality for 3,500 THB from a shop in Bangkok, they even send everywhere in Thailand...

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