The Kawasaki ER-6N, User Friendliness Rediscovered

In 2006 Kawasaki brought the ER-6N to the table. Kawasaki designed an entirely new engine specifically for the Kawasaki ER-6.

The Kawasaki ER-6N's power plant has been sketched, modelled and built purely to drive the ER-6N and the ER-6F (Ninja 650R), it's the perfect choice: frugal, torquey and narrow motorcycle, excellent for tight traffic in the confinement of downtown Bangkok traffic.

The Kawasaki is not alone in the two-cylinder 650cc class, we have several manufacturers who produce motorcycles in this class, most of this engines are V-Twin setups. In principle I love V-Twins, but when it comes to balanced appeal, the Kawasaki parallel-twin wins the two-cylinder 650 class.
Back in 2007, we did look for the last time at the Kawasaki ER-6N, back then the Kawasaki ER-6N was not available for the domestic market. Something what is currently changed, matter of fact the ER-6N is the most affordable “big bike” you can buy in the Thai Kingdom.

Since 2007 the styling of the Kawasaki ER-6N is a little sharper, a bit more like something you'd like to own. The twin-cylinder engine has been rubber mounted to cut vibration and the ignition, fueling and exhaust system have been revised to smooth out the power. The frame and swingarm are more rigid, reshaped.

The appeal of the Kawasaki ER-6N is its user friendliness and the engine is forgiving without being lame, it handles well and is great on fuel economics.

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Tuesday, 27 October 2009 @ 04:56 PM ICT
Yes, a brilliant bike.
What a shame Kawasaki can't get its act together and give us their locally made
KLR650 (with EFI of course, so it will pass the emission laws).