The Kabuto Kamui - Japanese Motorcycle Helmet

Kabuto are the Japanese helmet company that used to be known as OGK. Their Kabuto Kamui weighs 1707grams for my large sized head, thanks to a compact and lightweight Thermo Plastic Shell (TPS), which makes long journeys less of a strain.

The is equipped with a quick release chin strap retainer which needs some getting used to, but works acceptable while the Coolmax lining feels plush and can be pulled out for washing. The visor is large, offers great vision and comes with a Pinlock ready anti-fog insert and included visor.

The Kabuto Kamui motorcycle helmet is sold as a road and track helmet. It's not loud, the vents work well to keep air moving around inside the helmet, and the visor lets nothing past. On track the top vent lets lots of cool air in, while the equally big exhaust vent lets all the hot air out.
The helmet shell shape means little or no buffeting, and changing visors is a 15-second job. A price of 9,900 THB puts the Kabuto Kamui in a interesting target market. The Kabuto Kamui is made in Japan. The fit is a bit more comfortable for people with a oval shape skull and the interior feels very comfortable.

We can seriously recommend the Kabuto Kamui motorcycle helmet, try them and you probably understand what we talking about.Tag: Kabuto OGK Kamui Helmet Termo-Plastic Shell Full-Face-Helmet Visor
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