The Jardine RT99 Complete Exhaust System

The Jardine RT99 stainless/aluminum exhaust system is one of Jardine's latest offers for the Honda CRF450X/R. The Jardine RT99 exhaust system is made out of a stainless steel header and mid pipe complete with an aluminum muffler. Perhaps one of the most noticeable features of the Jardine RT99 exhaust system, however, is the resonance chamber on the header pipe. This resonance chamber is designed to cut sound down to 99 decibels while adding meaty low-end grunt. Everybody we talked to told us, that the Jardine RT99 complete exhaust system is made with the amateur racer and casual off-road rider in mind who want a quieter system with great performance.

After bolting the Jardine RT99 complete exhaust system up to our Honda CRF450X, the first thing we noticed was the throaty yet subdued exhaust note that resonated from the aluminum muffler. Once out on the trail, the power benefits of the Jardine exhaust system was clearly noticeable. Just like they claim, the Jardine RT99 exhaust system adds more power to the low end, in the form of a harder initial hit, and continues up throughout the powerband. In stock trim, the '09 Honda CRF450X power isn't overly aggressive. With the Jardine RT99 exhaust system installed, the power of the big off-road Honda is woken up, allowing the CRF450X to be ridden more aggressively. But while the exhaust system does add power, it doesn't do it in an unmanageable manner, which is something we look for in exhaust systems for the powerful 450cc four-strokes. Because at the end of the day who really wants a motorcycle that you can't hold on to?
It's difficult to find anything negative about the Jardine RT99 complete exhaust system. But the weight of the stainless steel and aluminum is a little on the high side, and the weight isn't significantly lower than the stock exhaust system.

For the money, we bought the Jardine RT99 exhaust system online for just under 12,000 Baht, the Jardine RT99 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for additional power gains on his or her motorcycle. It adds power and gives the motorcycle an authoritative grunt that commands attention. Also, even though the entire system is little on the heavy side, it makes up for it in durability and build quality. While the sound standard for amateur racing is 99 dB, the official Thai road regulations state that an motorcycle cannot produce more than 94 dB. The Jardine RT94, using a quieter muffler, will past the Thai 94 dB sound regulations.Tag: Jardine RT99 Exhaust-System Honda CRF450X Emission Rules 94dB 450cc
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