The Honda Zoomer-X - The Real Cool Scooter

Scooter, for the most part, have always occupied an aesthetic space somewhere between a sportbike and a fanny pack, but not the Honda Zoomer-X. With its characteristic design, out of the ordinary frame construction and wide tires, the 110cc four-stroke with PGM-FI (fuel injection) single cylinder scooter looks more like the bad boy two-wheeler, more than other 'trying to be cool' scooters.

The robust and simple speedo looks like it could be from taken from one of the large cruisers, but the maximum speed printed on the speedo lets you know that it's not. The 110cc engine is like most scooters efficiently squeezed in front of the rear wheel, super low to the ground to help lower the center of gravity. A nice touch is the ducktail rear fender.

With its 110cc of power-making space, one might think that the Honda Xoomer-X is ill-suited for anything other than a walking pace. But its light weight and automatic V-Matic belt drive transmission work together to put the power to the ground and propel the little thumper ahead of traffic and around town with ease.
How about out of town, on some unpaved rural roads? With limit amount of suspension travel from the upside-down forks, and single rear shock you won't tackling any serious mud roads, but a relatively smooth and flat dirt road (like you find so often in rural Thailand) is done easily. The balloonish 12” tires and low seat height provide a confidence-inspiring platform to scoot around and easily dab a foot from if necessary. Stopping in a hurry is no problem at all with the Honda combined brake system...

The Honda Zoomer-X is as durable as it seems, plastic and metal components are from traditional high standard as you would expect from Honda. The 12”alloy wheels are fairly stout. Probably the weakest link of the Honda Zoomer-X is the handlebar, which seems easily bend (the scooter was accidentally dropped on its side from standstill and the handlebar was bend).Tag: Honda Zoomer-X 110cc Scooter PGM-FI Fuel-Injection V-Matic CVT
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