The Honda PCX as Commuter Tool

After some initial fun and games, the Honda PCX 125 has switched from toy to tool this month. Like most scooters it's a great congestion-buster and the somewhat bigger size doesn't stop you filtering. But its greatest gimmick is the engine-idle/stop, which switches of the engine at a standstill.

The Honda PCX scooter also survived a 400 kilometer motorway trip, screaming happily along in a 120km/h world where open-mouthed children pointed excitedly at this latest Honda high-tech scooter. And the fuel-consumption did it at a startling 46 km/liter.
The Honda PCX scooter is practical: I've managed to cram a small shopping trolley's worth of shopping under the seat. Safety is big these days and there is no safer, more stable, scooter than the Honda PCX 125 with its advanced Combined Braking System you have the best braking power you could wish for.

The Honda PCX dealt with all the road traffic in a good manner, it was capable of keeping up with with traffic. I probably could have gone quicker, but then why do it. When I got home the BBQ was smoking nicely, the kids where queuing up with empty plates. The wife looks at her watch and and made an questioning expression on here face. Live is good.

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