The Honda PCX 125i Scooter, the Powerful Little Giant

<img width="200" height="150" class="floatleft" src="" alt="" />The Honda PCX 125i is pretty close to the best two-wheeler Honda has ever made. The price is not exactly known, but some people with knowledge are saying it would not be much more then the Honda AirBlade-i, for that you get a nippy low emission 125cc state-of-the-art 4-stroke engine with the latest on electronic fuel-injection, which means little running costs and a very convenient transport package, the Honda PCX under-seat storage is relatively large, its larger wheel and the front brake, and with the Combined Brake System, brakes are remarkable stronger and better than on anything Honda had on offer in Thailand.

As with a lot of Honda's, the Honda PCX is fitted with a key slot cover for better protection against theft. The overall look of the Honda PCX scooter has a smartened up look as well, it has more the looks of one of the larger Honda scooters.

The Honda PCX is also the first Honda scooter which is equipped with Honda's new V-Matic, which is a reliable V-belt transmission design, which offers a complete shiftless convenience transmission without losing unnecessary energy by doing so. The Honda PCX is complemented by a electric starter, which due to the latest re-designed PGM-FI (fuel-injection) systems will start the Honda PCX 125i under all weather, humidity and temperatures, although there is a kick starter, just in case you forget to turn of the light I guess...
<img width="153" height="170" class="floatright" src="" alt="" />The kick starter on the Honda PCX 125i can be really useful because you can't bump-start an automatic. The Honda PCX 125i seat is big and especially long enough to carry a rider and pillion in more then reasonable comfort, which is not always so on scooters in the same class.

It's a shame we cannot inform you about the Honda PCX colors, Honda only showed us a white with light brown patches, but knowing Honda they have there ears open and probably doing research right now.

I do like the Honda PCX 125i, forget the skeptic tone you hear from me before. In fact, we're chosen it to prepare a cost comparison that will pit it against most scooters available on the Thai market to see how commuting costs, convenience and ecological impact compare. Obviously the Honda PCX 125i will win, but be prepared for a shock when you see by just how much it wins!

The Honda PCX 125i is Honda's answer to green, ecological and save-the-world, it is so efficient with fuel that you may forget on which fuel it can run. For this Honda has printed clear labels near the fuel intake... Just in case, you seriously forget.

You can find more about the design and creation of the Honda PCX here, or read about newly introduced Honda PCX150i.
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