The Honda PCX 125i Scooter Specifications

The new Honda PCX 125i scooter. Rising fuel prices and awareness of environmental issues have had an impact on the way we think about transport. However, the true appeal of a scooter is not just its low running costs and ability to cut through the city rush hour. It's also about fun - the freedom and independence that only two-wheel transport can give.

At Honda we aim to provide a scooter for every lifestyle, and our range includes luxury large-displacement scooters as well as chic runabouts that can be seen all over town. All of them offer the highest Honda quality, the best technologies for their function and rock-solid dependability.

The new Honda PCX was created for riders who desire the compact, economical advantages of a 125cc scooter and the modern, fashionable good looks more often associated with larger-displacement machines. In every aspect, from its low-noise, low-emissions operation to its easy handling and contemporary image, the Honda PCX is designed as a practical, fast and fun ride.

A scooter is as much a fashion accessory as it is a way of getting around, and so must feature the most up-to-date styling. For those who use a scooter daily as an alternative to a car, carrying space and fuel economy are essential. Most modern riders also want a scooter that operates with the smallest possible impact on its environment; both the immediate surroundings in which it is ridden every day and the global climate.
The new Honda PCX fulfils all of these demands. It will be welcomed as an ideal first ride, a fun commuter and a reliable means of carrying out all kinds of daily tasks. It is also great fun to ride - the kind of scooter that will make every routine trip across town an enjoyable escape.

At Honda, 'small-displacement' never means a compromise on comfort or style. The Honda PCX is a perfect example of this principle. Its styling is youthful with a long, low and curvaceous shape.

Its unique front face and the flowing lines of its bodywork give it a dynamic presence and a luxurious feel. By day, the Honda PCX is a quick and convenient way to get around, for work or play. By night, it easily adapts to the smartest venues in the city. It can also whisk a rider, passenger and light luggage out of town for a weekend. Wherever it goes, its original styling and air of confidence give it the quality of a true trend-setter. A dark-tinted windscreen gives the scooter a modern image as well as providing wind protection for the rider. Its sleek contours integrate perfectly with the full-bodied front cowl. Its dual headlight design is flanked by sleek, upward-slanting indicators, giving the front an exclusive look. The high-tech instrument panel has a speedometer needle that sweeps the dial at ignition, hinting at the fun to come. The cockpit also features an indicator for the engine's innovative Idle Stop switch, a fuel indicator and other practical readouts, adding to the vehicle's modern feel.

The scooter incorporates a low seat height and long, spacious footrests creating a secure and relaxed ride feel that complements its smooth performance. The comfortable seat incorporates back support for the rider and a generous pillion area. Underneath, its lockable storage compartment holds a full-face helmet with room to spare. In addition, a convenient glove box is provided at the front. If more storage space is needed, the rear carrier can also carry a optional 26-liter top box.

The technology built into the new Honda PCX has been carefully chosen to create the most enjoyable experience possible in its class. Its engine operates with a quiet, smooth proficiency. With a lightweight, compact SOHC configuration, it is surprisingly powerful, delivering quick starting acceleration. It also integrates a liquid cooling system with the radiator built into the engine for compact size and light weight. The engine features a Honda PGM-FI fuel injection system that ensures seamless, effortless power delivery via the smooth V-belt transmission, while also reducing emissions and fuel consumption. The Honda PCX delivers an impressive 46 kilometers per liter with Idle Stop, which means plenty of riding enjoyment between trips to the service station to fill up its 6.2-liter tank.

The distinctive form of the Honda PCX is based around a tubular steel underbone frame. Complementing the low seat and extended foot area, the 1,305mm wheelbase creates a feeling of easy, stable balance. The turning radius is short, easing manoeuvres in tight spaces.

High quality 14" tyres add to the comfortable ride. The lightweight five-spoke cast aluminum wheels are stopped by a smooth-acting Combined Brake System. This system effectively equalizes the forces applied to a 220mm front disc brake and a sturdy drum brake at the rear, giving smooth, progressive braking that adds to stability and boosts confidence.

The scooter's suspension systems are developed for light, easy control and smooth comfort. A responsive a¸ 31mm telescopic front fork and a compliant unit swingarm rear suspension with dual dampers combine to ensure a stable, cushioned ride.

The engine's fuel efficiency is boosted even further by the addition of an innovative Idle Stop Switch, a first for Honda. When the Idle Stop function is enabled, the engine will automatically stop running after 3 seconds of idling. It then re-starts when the throttle grip is twisted. Idle Stop mode is enabled or disabled via a convenient switch on the right handlebar, and improves fuel efficiency by another 5%.
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