The Honda NC700X - Modular Motorcycle

The Honda NC700X is one of the variants of the company's new 'modular motorcycle' concept; a standard engine and a basic frame that is used in both scooter and road-going-motorcycle version. The Honda NC700X is the 'semi-adventure' model as evidenced by the X in the name. As far as I could see it has a plastic beak like a BMW GS and slightly longer legs than it's road-only-version. But to be honest a real adventure bike it is not.

I don't like the frame. It's a tubular steel affair that looks a bit like old-fashioned crash bars on each side. I understand this frame design is to turn the generic scooter into a conventional motorcycle. However, on e major point that seems to have slipped the designer's mind is that the frame is so exposed that when dropped on its side the outer rails would easily be damaged, and the motorcycle would be an instant insurance write off!

On most motorcycles the engine side covers take a clout and spare the frame (along with the fuel tank, handlebars and fairing etc..) from damage. For a motorcycle with faint aspirations for adventure style touring, the selection of frame seems a bit strange.
It then of course dawns on me. It's a scooter! That's why I can't get really excited about it. It's a bit dull but now I understand why. It's not for motorcyclists, it's for people that would usually buy a large scooter and just want daily transport. I don't have a problem with that. They are not looking for passion or integrity, a lifestyle or sense of adventure their ride – they just want value for money and the reliability of a Honda badge.

The brochure boasts that the engine in the NC700X is half a Honda Jazz (car) engine. With half the engine, half the number of wheels it's a pity that Honda Thailand not sells it half the price of a Honda Jazz.
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