The Honda NC700X DCT Available in Thailand

According to Honda, the Honda NC700X is the answer to all our prayers. Research commissioned by Honda motorcycles found that most people rode below 140km/h using precious few revs, so have built the NC700X to fulfill that remit. Parallels to the car world are easily drawn – after all the new NC700X engine is effectively half an Honda Jazz engine. So all the launch presentation highlighting the R&D of the engine, advanced techniques and developing unique solutions sounds a little far-fetched.

The Honda NC 'platform' in Thailand comprises this, the NC700X, and the Honda Integra. They both use the 670cc engine, (dual-clutch (DCT) gearbox, share chassis and components and only differ in form and perceived function.

If we look at the technology used by Honda you can't find anything wrong. One of the biggest positive sales point would probably be the fuel economy, and given it burns 2.94 liter fuel for every 100km this is almost uncharted territory for motorcycles – or rather a lack of it. It's fine for a commute or as gentle tourer, but if you're looking for excitement then you might want to look for some other motorcycle.
But it looks pretty modern has scooter like storage space, brakes work well, is friendly, comfortable and economical. It costs 451,000 THB and should appeal to a wide array of novice and first time big bikers - but whether what people think about the super fuel economy justifies the outlay and the not so cheap price-tag for a 650cc, or if the riders style is enough to get car drivers on two wheels is to remain a big question.
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