The Honda CRF450X - Sold my Off-Road Ride

It's always tough to see one of your motorcycles go, and it always seems to be just when I start to get to get excited with the bike. But, in the case of the Honda CRF450X, at least I'm seeing it move on to a good place, and should be able to sneak a ride in on it every now and then.

On a recent ride with one of my good friends, I offered a quick spin on the Honda CRF450X. The friend currently has a 250cc off-road / Enduro style motorcycle, which he's tricked up to the eye balls and always bragging about 'how fast it is' and 'how good it handles', so I was keen to see what he thought of my Honda CRF450X.

If only took a few kilometer and all I could hear was him hooting and giggling under his helmet, a sign he was getting on well with the CRF450X, he pulled in a little short of breath.

'How much?' he said. 'How much what?' I said. 'How much to buy it?' Right here right now. I'll go to the ATM and get the money out.'
I'm guessing he really did like it then! 'This thing is unbelievable. The engine makes phenomenal power, the suspension is some of the best I've ridden, and it looks tricks. I've gotta have it. Seriously, you have to get me a price on buying it!'

Unfortunately for my friend, he couldn't take it right then and there, but by the time you read this, the Honda CRF450X will be in his greasy garage.

It's been a heck of a ride over the past few years. I was initially worried with performance work done to the top-end by a motorcycle garage in Bangkok, that it may not be as reliable, but it proved me wrong. I kept up with regular oil changes and filter changes and the only issues I had with the Honda CRF450X were blown forks seals and the odd nut or both vibrating its way out. As they say, it's all been gravy.

So, with the Honda CRF450X on the back of my friends pick-up truck and a big grin on his face. I bid farewell to the Honda CRF450X. A massive thanks to everyone who had helped with securing parts for my Honda CRF450X. The Honda CRF450X was great as a stocker and grew into a rural gravel road and trail-ride monster.Tag: Honda CRF450X Dual-Sport Off-Road Single-Cylinder 450cc Enduro
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Anonymous User

Sunday, 13 March 2011 @ 02:11 PM ICT
And what a great shame Honda Thailand can't offer us
a choice from the vast array of big bikes in the Honda stable!