The Honda CRF450X my Rural Commuter

There may have been little logic in my decision to buy the 2005 Honda CRF450X, but living in rural Thailand, with the nearest shop about 5 or 7 kilometer following an unpaved road, has probably something to do with it.

The Honda enduro bike that now lives in my kitchen, I have a large kitchen and no garage, makes me happy every morning when I come down for my breakfast.

In theory a four-stroke 450cc - the dirt equivalent of a Honda Fireblade - too expensive, too powerful and too big to recommend itself to an inexperienced off-road rider like me. The lighter Honda 250X would have been the sensible choice.
But in practice the big Honda is proving fantastic; powerful, slickly suspended and bristling with the kind of trick engineering - aluminum beam frame, titanium valves, magnesium clutch cover, etc. - that suckers like me will fall for every time.

The Honda CRF450X is the enduro version of Honda's best-selling 450R motocross bike. It uses a detuned motor for more accessible power, adds token lighting and also features that most beautiful of creations, the electric start. After two epic holidays last year on dirt bikes, I was looking to buy, I like Honda's, I love the look of the CRF range and when this bike, with its red Excel rims, gold hubs and mighty Works Connection sump-guard turned up at a bike dealer I fell in love. Three days later it was mine.

I spent some extra money on an aluminum stand, high grade engine and transmission oil and a replacement clutch cover for the damaged/repaired one the bike came with.

The Honda enduro bike made living in Thailand so much more pleasant that I can hardly think about a time I did everything by car or by walking.

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Thursday, 10 January 2008 @ 07:03 PM ICT
can you tell me where you brought this bike from , looking for Honda or KTM


Thursday, 10 January 2008 @ 10:21 PM ICT
I looked on internet and many weekend touring from dealer to dealer, finally we found this one in Bangkok. But I'm sure if you search a bit, and check the websites of motorcycle shops you can find something similar.


Wednesday, 13 May 2009 @ 11:00 AM ICT
greetings from cebu philippines!
ive heard that thailand is the best source in asia for honda crf models... im looking one for a crf 150 r b. can you help me find a dealer's website or an exporter in your country. how much is the price (in dollars) please reply via email me thank you very much and good day.