The Honda CRF250L and the Honda CRF250M

Despite new riders being able to buy larger capacity machines now-a-days, new riders continue to purchase 150 and 250cc motorcycles in good numbers. Presumably, most new riders think that 150 or 250cc is enough. And it often is, except for people large or tall of frame.

Are there alternatives amongst the current 150 to 250cc set that work for taller people? You're looking at one. The Honda CRF250L and the new for 2013 Honda CRF250M from Honda can easily accommodate those who breathe rarefied air, and with their short gearing, it will work fine for those generous of frame as well. But ensure that you're tall enough to sit astride the motorcycle comfortably, as an 810mm seat height won't suit all.

Those contemplating it will have been brought up on trail bikes, and the Honda CRF250L is ready for adventure rides. If not, don't be put off by the nature of the tires, as these work very well on tarmac, providing you're not too bold with lean angles.
The Honda CRF250L and the CRF250M make fine commuters because you sit upright and tall in the saddle, thanks to the off-road / supermotard design. The front wheel of the Honda CRF250L is big and thin so that it can slog its way through sand or gravel. The 18” wheels on the Honda CRF250M are perfect for thigh traffic slicing and quick corning. Another advantage of the motorcycles's height is long-travel suspension, which makes speed bumps in city streets all but unnoticeable.

The engine, which is similar to that in the Honda CBR250R, is handy without being extraordinary. While it won't slug down low, it has enough torque to handle suburban street in fifth gear. A 0 to 100km/h time of 10 seconds means that the Honda CRF250L or CRF250M will get out of the blocks quicker than most cars, especially with their slick gearbox, which positively encourages clutchless upshifts. Expect decent fuel economy – 3.1 liter for 100 kilometer is quoted – though a small, 7.7 liter fuel tank limits the range somewhat. It's cheap to fill, though.

Some other points. The seat isn't that comfortable but is ok for short commutes, and enough saddle shops around in Thailand that can customize you saddle to your needs. Quick it isn't but motorway commuting is a doddle. Yes, the Honda CRF250L and CRF250M cost more than the Honda CBR250R, which is better out of town. If you never intend going off road, or are happy being stuck in tight traffic, we'd advice buying the Honda CBR250R, but if trails and tight city traffic is your thing, our vote go's to the Honda CRF's.Tag: Honda CRF250L CRF250M 250cc Dual-Sport Motard Supermoto Off-Road Small-Capacity-Bike Single-Cylinder
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