The Honda CBR600RR - First Long-Haul Road Trip

The midrange Honda CBR600RR of one of our friends had its first boring long-haul road trip. He ventured to Burriram to see the family in laws, clocking up some good kilometers. The Dynojet Power Commander V has transformed the CBR600RR, and made overtaking and filtering so much crisper, I'm sure that he's kicking himself for not fitting the Power Commander Quick Shifter though.

Doing some routine servicing on the Honda CBR600RR, we had finally found time to fit the slipper clutch our friend wanted, and the job was way easier than we had imagined, taking less than an hour. This is the mod that ever CBR600RR should have. The slipper clutch is a 'plug-and-play' job, so there's not need to mess around setting things. It uses standard plates as well, and all you need is a clutch-cover gasket. Good to go.
Our friend is not really interested in sorting out the flimsy gearbox but the slipper clutch along with the Dynojet Power Commander V, has sorted the downshift side of things. The gap between first and second gear isn't so cringe-worthy, and he can get away with using first cog now, and not relying on the torque to get him out of things. Our friend is also talking about doing some trackdays in a few weeks, so he will probably tell us more about that soon...

Next on the list of modifications to be some rubber. The Bridgestones have now done 1,700 kilometers and look a bit worn in the middle. He's thinking about some Pirelli or Metzeler Racetec tires. Having nearly 110 horsepower on tap without any real performance bolt-ons is a good start, he wants 120 horsepower, though. He will probably go for some stainless steal pipes with a aluminum or a carbon-fiber aftermarket exhaust end-can for the Honda CBR600RR.
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