The Honda CBR250R Road Handling

Years of owning crap motorcycles with no money to sort them means I've learned to find ways to ride around things. Suspension damping shot? Ride the wallows. Bad brakes? Grab harder. Poor comfort? Live with it.

When it comes to handling and braking my new Honda CBR250R ABS is so near perfection I don have to ride around anything. Even on standard suspension settings, the Honda CBR250R is so precise, the handling so communicative that you could never tweak it and ride around a happy man.

But there's always room for improvement. Two clicks more compression and three rebound on the standard rear suspension made the CBR250R more composed without making it too harsh for the road. For the CBR250R's front suspension I keep my eyes open for adjustable upside-down forks.
After a getting-to-know the Honda CBR250R, you will grown to love the way the Honda handles – and you you don't want to modify it more. I feel I'm too tall for the CBR250R, but loathed to do anything about it. It's one of the smallest, narrowest motorcycle available in Thailand and fitting different handlebars and pegs would mess with its feel.

For other improvements I'm thinking about get seat and double-bubble screen, and I need a road trip to try them out. I did a 6 straight hours on the Honda CBR250R to north Thailand and it was a literal pain in the behind so the gel seat should fix that, the double-bubble screen will improve the CBR250R's touring comfort.
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