The Honda CBR150R After a Few Months

It's some time since the new Honda CBR150Ri (with PGM-FI) was introduced, one of our friends has been pottering around town on one of this Thai made 150cc single cylinder sportsbike. It's a small-capacity engine but it is packed with a lot of punch for it's size and weight. But yes, to get those 17 horsepower into the game, you need to keep the engine revving. And into the game it comes past 4,000rpm, from where it effortlessly chomps down the kilometers till it hits the 11,500rpm redline.

The gearbox feels precise, each upshift unloading few more horsepower on the rear wheel, sending the Honda CBR150Ri to triple-digit speeds effortlessly. To get it back to standstill from these speeds, the brakes feel adequate. And because of the harder suspension, it doesn't nosedive one emergency braking the way its bigger brother, the Honda CBR250R does.Given a choice between the Honda CBR250R and the Honda CBR150R, I'll take the 150 because it's a better city commuter and it cruises at higher speeds. Add the fact that it has lesser vibration than the Honda CBR250R, and this little motorcycle becomes the weapon of choice for tight city traffic.

For now, sadly, with the raining season still in full swing, it looks like the Honda CBR150R will spend most of its time parked in our garage. The upside is that instead of the short, local commutes it's been doing, our friend will take it for long weekend rides out of town...Tag: Honda CBR150R 150cc Sportsbike PGM-FI Small-Capacity-Engine Single-Cylinder
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