The Honda CB1000R, Torque That Stays

The Honda CB1000R is well and truly a wonderful machine, it's better than its predecessors in much the same way the CBR1000RR was compared to the 954RR a few years ago.

The 2010 Honda CB1000R brings it in line with the other motorcycles in the Honda model lineup, the CB1000R a motorcycle that is deceptive in its ability to go fast in comfort thanks to its supersport engine and light chassis.

Sitting on the new Honda CB1000R the difference is noticeable – the new Honda perches you 30 millimeters higher and when matched to the wide handlebars and low pegs, the CB1000R becomes almost dirtbike-like, with great leverage and stability.

My gripe about the top-soft rear suspension proved to be consistent with other riders who tested the CB1000R and the soft seat padding sinks to its base and makes for a rather uncomfortable ride – but these were the only major issues with the Honda CB1000R.

You can feel the superbike heritage in the Honda CB1000R – the engine produces waves of delicious torque that stays consistent once above 4000 rpm and the gearbox – once warm oil is flowing around the cases – provides beautifully smooth and solid gear changes – I say warm oil because the gearbox was rather clunky when cold.
The final ratio is tall. The Honda CB1000R would probably benefit from a single-tooth drop in the rear sprocket for a bit more snappy acceleration but power is still plentiful at almost any rev speed.

The Honda CB1000R's wheelbase is 15 millimeter shorter than the Yamaha FZ1, although it doesn't feel like it. The riding position is less cramped which gives the rider more room to move and those wider handlebars are great for slicing through twisty roads.

The Honda CB1000R looks tough and purposeful, with sleek bodywork that combines nicely with no odd bits sticking out where they shouldn't. And I love the single-sided swingarm. The CB1000R is no racebike – but it's hot.

The dash is good although the tacho is located too low to b e easily visible, but big clocks would have spoiled t. The Honda CB1000R could be a sign of things to come from Japan.
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