The HJC SPXN, the Adventure - Supermoto helmet

HJC's SPXN is an attractive new dirt helmet with the usual peak, plus a option for a fold up-down clear visor. You can use this HJC SPXN helmet in a variety of combinations. For long distance road work you can adjust the airflow, and have a low drag touring visor helmet.

For pure dirt riding you do not have to adjust anything, you can easily remove the visor, and use goggles as usual. For me using HJC SPXN helmet on the Honda CRF450R in rural Northeast Thailand it was leave it all there, lower the visor for the high-speed road sections and push it up under the peak for getting max airflow and vision when picking my way through the off-road sections.

In this form the HJC SPXN helmet really come into its own when the rain came down. I find goggles give less than ideal visibility in the rain, can fog easily in the slower sections, and of course any high speed road bits cause the before-mentioned rain pain ending with you riding one-handed, and using the other as a lower-face shield.
With the HJC SPXN I just lowered the clear visor and carried on regardless, with no pain, both hands on the handlebar, and no loss of pace. The visor doesn't seal perfectly, like you'd expect a well-designed full road helmet to, and wind noise and a breeze are present at highway speeds, but when the heavens open this also keeps the visor clear from fogging when underway. The helmet interior is Comfortable, removable and washable. HJC uses a moisture-wicking and odor-free interior with advanced silver anti-bacterial fabric for the HJC SPXN helmet.

There is also not an excess of helmet drag caused by wind getting jammed under the peak and trying to force your head to look skywards. This is caused by the generous gap between peak and helmet, which allows for the visor to be opened fully.
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