The HJC R-Pha ST - Sports-Touring Helmet

The HJC R-Pha Line of motorcycle helmets represents the top of the company's range. The motorcycle helmet family has grown from the R-Pha 10 race helmet, worn by Yamaha MotoGP rider Jorge Lorenzo, to include the HJC R-Pha Tech Evo flip-front and now this HJC R-Pha ST, for sports-touring riders.

The HJC R-Pha ST is made of the same hi-tech fibers as the other helmets in the family, which means it's fairly light: 1586 grams for my XL, even with a drop-down sun visor. It has a plush liner, a double D-ring chin strap, vents on the chin and crown, with a main visor featuring a central locking clip. The HJC R-Pha ST is a very comfortable helmet – not the quietest, but I've worn a great menu that are noisier.
The Pinlock visor insert, which glues itself into a recess into the visor, means the visor doesn't mist up. But as I wear specs, my glasses fog up on cold morning, as does the sun visor, unless I have the visor open. Luckily we have not much cold mornings in Thailand...

Overall, I like the comfort, the weight and the looks of the HJC R-Pha ST sports-touring helmet. It feels like a really top-end motorcycle helmet – but at around 15,000 THB it's reallistically priced.Tag: HJC R-Pha ST Touring-Helmet Full-Face-Helmet Jorge Lorenzo Flip-Front Sport-Touring Helmet Visor
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