The GoPro Hero3 Action Cameras

Capturing point-of-view video is now as easy as buying a camera, mounting it on your motorcycle and pressing 'record.' The most difficult part might be deciding which version of GoPro's new Hero3 is right for you: While, Silver or Black.

Let's start with the economically priced Hero3 White Edition. This palm-sized camera is made for general consumers and available at several stores in Bangkok. Basically, the GoPro Hero3 White is a smaller version of the original Hero camera, with the addition of built-in Wi-Fi. It will shoot in HD 1080p and take 5-megapixel photos. It's a solid, proven camera.

Sold at motorcycle dealerships and action=sport outlets, the GoPro Hero3 Silver Edition is more flexible. Intended for the more professional consumers, this model has a wider field of vision and a Protune mode for greater post-production control. The Hero3 Silver also takes 11 megapixel photos at 10 frames per second for time-lapse video. Think of it as a second generation GoPro Hero2 in a smaller package.

The ultimate GoPro is the Hero3 Black Edition. Astonishingly capable, it's designed for professionals and available only at high-end camera shops. It has a better lens, a new processor and the ability to shoot from 720p all the way to 4K Cinema resolution. (If you have to ask what 4K video is, the Hero3 Black is probably not for you.) With 137 different video-capture options, this camera is way over the top for an average person.

So, if you're shooting for kid's birthday party, go with the Hero3 White. Budding filmmaker? Black is a fantastic deal. For backroad, track-day or off-road riders wanting to step up their game and do more editiing, the choice is simple the GoPro Hero3 Silver

The GoPro Hero4 Silver is currently also available, for more information The GoPro Hero4 Silver Action Camera.

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