The Givi EA109 Leg Wallet

Givi, the well-known motorcycle luggage company, has now launched the Givi EA109 leg wallet. While the Givi EA109 leg wallet is perhaps not the snappiest-named item ever produced, it is really quite useful, allowing you to carry stuff without having to fix luggage to your motorcycle.

Light, sturdy and tough, the Givi EA109 leg wallet has two large pockets which can house a mobile phone, wallet, sunglasses, sandwiches and a host of small essentials.
The Givi EA109 Leg Wallet has an adjustable fastening belt and is absolutely ideal for the rider who hasn't mastered the use of pcokets. The Givi EA109 leg wallet will cost about 1100 THB and you can find it at the local Givi dealer or buy it from some of the online motorcycle retail stores.Tag: Civi EA109 Luggage Wallet Soft-Luggage
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