The GPX Diper 125, a Little Dirt Devil

The GPX Diper 125 dirtbike, just for some weekend fun the little 125cc dirtbike is a good choice. The GPX Diper 125 dirtbike is by no means something you could compare to a 125cc MX bike, the four-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled 125cc engine has less than halve the power of the mellowest 125 MX two-stroke engine. But then we need to understand that power is not always needed, for an off-road bike a good suspension is probably of equal or greater importance.

We can honestly say that the GPX Diper 125 dirtbike's power is mild in delivery what makes it perfect for a few hours in the dirt in the weekend out with the kids. The Diper 125's engine builds revs with the feel of a hair dryer. The soft bottom-end gradually climbs into a highly tractable mid-range before signing off quickly with a uneventful top-end. In the dirt, the GPX Diper 125 feel light and requires the right gear and a good dose of momentum before tackling little hills or you will find yourself desperately kicking down gears.

Riding the GPX Diper 125 on a trail feels good, it has a nice engine and the suspension is remarkable good – just that signature household appliance-like efficiency. With the GPX Diper 125 you get Up-side-down front forks and adjustable hydraulic gas-hybrid rear mono-shock. The frame is made from high-tensile steel with a alloy rear swingarm. On the GPX Diper 125 dirtbike, you tend not to ride as fast or hit things quite as hard, but once pushed to higher speed, the suspension on the little dirtbike became to live and our young test rider had the time of his live.

The 17” black-alloy front wheels and 14” black-alloy rear wheel, both with good off-road MX-like tires cuts through sand like a professional bike. The GPX Diper 125 comes with both front and rear disc brakes. The GPX Diper 125 dirtbikes are bar-scraping weekend fun masters with a well-balanced neutral handling characteristic. Overall dimensions of the GPX Diper 125 are 1800mm long, 500mm width and 1050mm height, with a seat-height of 800mm.

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