The Future of Off-Road Biking

If you're wondering about the future of off-road bikes, the Zero X electric dirt bike could be it. Using cutting-edge lithium-ion power cells that deliver a massive 300 amps, the Zero X pumps out over 20 horsepower and is capable of accelerating from 0 to 50km/h in under two seconds.

Power is customizable with the flick of switch to make the Zero X less aggressive for beginner riders while, for the power-hungry, and optional German motor is available for an extra 20,000 Baht with 10 percent more output than standard.

With hydraulic disc brakes and more than 200mm suspension travel all-round, this 63kg electronic-beast will silently rip the trails apart at a cost of less than six cents per kilometer. Calling on years of experience designing championship-winning mountain bikes, Zero X creators are confident in it creation.The Zero X was designed to be a great all-around dirt bike that is silent and weights half as much as a conventional bike. As it's a hybrid of motorcycle and mountain bike technology, it's the ultimate trailbike for technical riding. All of the parts were designed from scratch to produce a motorcycle that is light and powerful.

Although there are no Thai distributors for the Zero X, Zero Motorcycles loves to talk to potential prospects.
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