The Future of Electric Motorcycles

If you read the news sometimes you’d be forgiven for believing that combustion engines are dying and we’ll be riding around on electric motorcycles within a few years. Well, you’d be wrong.

Despite the massive publicity, environmental pressure and improving technology, the evidence is overwhelming: electric motorcycles are not going to work.

Listen to the average chat from an environmentalist with a beer in his hand the arguments for electric motorcycles – and cars for that matter – will be the same every time. They’ll cost almost nothing to run and since they don’t pollute we’ll be doing our bit to solve climate change. And, he’ll add, electric motors can make more torque than a petrol engine, with their maximum coming from zero revs, so they’ll be exciting to ride, too. They’re already racing electric motorcycles at some tracks around the world, so the technology is going to advance quickly. After your environmentalist chat partner has finished his third beer, you’ll believe that they’ll be outperforming today’s superbikes.
By the time you’re ready to order your fifth beer you’ll be ready to swap your super fast one-liter combustion motorcycle for a electric rechargeable motorcycle model just as soon as they start appearing at the local motorcycle shop.

But, stop right there because when you dig a little deeper, the electric motorcycle arguments begin to fall apart, leaving only one conclusion; from every perspective – even the environmental one – petrol-power is going to be on top, at least until you’re too old and wizened to even consider riding a motorcycle, no matter what powers it.

Such statements might not be popular everywhere, suggesting that you are thinking only of your immediate pleasure and not the survival of generations to come. But ask the pro-electric motorcycle industry to back up its arguments with hard facts and you’ll soon realize that you’re right, and by supporting advances in petrol engine technology you’re probably doing more to save the planet than proponents of the electric motorcycle lobby.Tag: Electric Vehicle EV Electric Bike Technology Business Environment
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