The Forcefield Upgrade Armor Inserts

There are often two problems with the protective armor you find in many jackets and pants now-a-days: It's either uncomfortable when you're in a riding position and / or isn't CE approved meaning unproven protection.

Forcefield Upgrade Armor Inserts defy both those assumptions. Intended as a direct replacement for the standard armor in jackets and pants, the Forcefield amor is made from a flexible PVC nitrile material called Nitrex Evo. Molded into a unique triangular grid pattern, the armor not only is CE approved to the EN1621-1 (level 1) standard, but it's also robust enough to withstand repeated impacts to the same area while remaining soft enough to mold to the rider's body during use.

In addition to that, Nitrex Evo is also very lightweight and breathable.
We ordered up a full complement of Forcefield Upgrade Armor and used it in a variety of jackets and pants. In nearly every application, the Forcefield Armor easily replaced the standard armor; the only problem we encountered was the extra-long knee armor not fittin in certain pants. The armor was very comfortable, especially in a more aggressive sportbike tuck.

And with the full CE approval, we were always confident of its protective abilities – which we thankfully didn't have to test in a real world situation. With their relatively inexpensive price (US$ 39 online), the Forcefield Upgrade Armor Inserts are definitely worth a look in our opinion.Tag: Forcefield Armor Safety Protective CE-Approved Nitrrex-Evo EN1621
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