The Forcefield Pro L2 Back Protector

Unless you've tumbled down the road, it's difficult to say you've truly tested your body armor. Although crashing with your motorcycle is the ultimate test of armor, it fails to take account of the daily practicalities that determine whether you bother to take precautions such as wearing a back protector in the first place.

On the first point, I admit, I have not, thankfully, crashed wearing the Forcefield Pro L2 back protector (instead, I choose to put my faith in the tests it has passed). What I can report is that it is just as practical and comfortable as the best back protectors I have worn over the years. I think nothing of slipping it on under a jacket or set of leathers whenever I go for a ride – very practical.

The inclusion of shoulder-straps helps, giving something with which to hoist it into position, keeping the Forcefield Pro L2 back protector there while you fasten it. Adjustability is great – there are elasticated Velcro fasteners at the shoulders and around the waist. The protective bit is just under 3cm thick, so, while it does of course add bulk to your body, unless your clothes were too tight before, it shouldn't be a drama. In terms of comfort, the Forcefield Pro L2 back protector molds to the correct shape easily, as there are no rigid sections, and Forcefield back protector seems to be one of the least heat-trapping back protectors, although, if used on the track, I think you'll still end up with a sweaty patch.
The Forcefield Pro L2 back protector is fully CE Approved to EN1621-2:2003 Level 2, and reinforced with Kevlar. At US$ 140 (about 4340 THB), it's competitively priced, which to my mind makes it a strong product, judging by value and usability, rather than crash-test performance. For more information and the latest price you can check out Forcefield Pro L2 Kevlar Back Protector
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