The Fly GlowRider Motorcycle Jacket

It's been 30 years since Tron debuted in movie theaters, so it's about time someone made a proper light-up motorcycle jacket. Possible sources of inspiration aside, Adaptiv Technologies is trying to get riders noticed in a different way.

The Adaptiv Technologies GlowRider motorcycle jacket (available in Neon Green or black) is a basic, all-season motorcycle jacket. It has a 600-denier polyester shell, a zip-out fully sleeved liner, front and back vents, two front slit pockets and removable CE-approved armor. Three electro-luminescent panels – one on the back, one on each shoulder – are set within the jacket's reflective strips. On each arm is a smaller transparent pocket; the right one holds a removable control unit/battery pack, and the other is large enough for a modern mobile phone. There are straps for adjusting fit in all the usual places, and zippers are claimed to be 'weatherproof.' The GlowRider jacket kept one person we know while it was raining.
Push the control unit's on/off button and you'll instantly find out just how bright the Fly GlowRider's electroluminescent strips are. When day fades into night, the jacket casts a cool, blue hue, making you much more visible. Those electroluminescent strips are right about eye level for most car drivers, giving them greater opportunity to notice you. Another advantage of this active-lighting system is that you remain visible in fog and heavy rain, when headlights become less-effective. The battery pack will keep the panels lit for about 10 hours (according to the manufacturer) and charges fully in about an hour.

This newcomer to the motorcycle riding-jacket world has set the lighted-apparel bar high, leaving us with only one question: When do we get matching 'electroluminescent' motorcycle pants... The only downside is that UFO hunters will probably closing in on you when you ride on one of the deserted Thai rural roads at night. For more information checkout The Fly GlowRider Motorcycle Jacket
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