The First Yamaha YZF-R15 Imported

The Yamaha YZF-R15 inspired so much confidence and delivered an all-enveloping sense of confidence that it just made a better rider out of me. This year Yamaha celebrates the tenth anniversary of its race-bred YZF-R series; the series that has acquired iconic status world over. The cutting edge YZF-R1 has enthralled sport bike enthusiasts over the last decade while homologation special R7 and R6 made the lineage stronger.

Over the years, the series evolved to such an extent that they are now reckoned to be the sharpest track and road bikes money can buy.

In India though, Yamaha has struggled to preserve its credentials with the 100cc commuter bikes. The RX100 kept the Yamaha flag flying high in its heyday but the subsequent four-strokers failed to even come close to its rivals.
Yamaha, desperate to turn the tide, resorted to its global brand, the YZF series. Now, with the new Yamaha YZF-R15, Yamaha has hit the path to recovery, doing what it does best, build top class performance bikes.

Yamaha left no stone unturned in development of the YZF-R15. Designed by long time associate GK Dynamics (also responsible for the V-Max and YZF-R1), the Yamaha YZF-R15 is simple drop-dead gorgeous with family resemblance tot he R6 and R1 in terms of front fairing treatment. Yamaha adopted the 'Humachine' concept for design which involves a perfect harmony between rider and the machine.

For one of our clients we imported a Yamaha YZF-R15 from India, this brought us the opportunity to give the bike a spin on the roads of Bangkok. Considering the low 120kg dry weight which is only slightly more then a Honda CBR-150R, and the 18 horses (at 8500rpm) at the rear wheel Yamaha engineers created an exciting motorcycle with usable power that can be harnessed day-to-day riding conditions.

Thanks to precise metering of fuel, by means of a ultra modern electronic fuel injection system, the power delivery feels wholly linear with lightning quick responses to throttle input. It is hard to belief the bike is only powered by a 150cc engine. The single-cylinder unit displaces 149.8cc and features bore and stroke dimensions of 57x58.7mm. The engine breathes through four valves, two each for intake and exhaust. The engine features the revolutionary DiASil, a sleeveless cylinder made by Yamaha's high-tech die-casting technology that ensures better heat dissipation, minimizes losses and improves efficiency. The allow used in the process also helps in weight reduction.

Yamaha used a forged piston, which is lighter than the cast type and endows engine with better revving ability. The power plant is fed by a fuel injection system that utilizes a multi-hole injector for ultra fine spray of air-fuel mix into the cylinder.Tag: Yamaha YZF-R15 Sportbike 150cc Single-Cylinder Small-Capacity Import Business
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