The Dunlop GP-Racer D211 Tire - Great Trackday Tire

Dunlop is big into racing. Despite the current Bridgestone and Pirelli stranglehold in MotoGP and WSB racing. Dunlop has been supplying tires to Moto2 teams. Just think about it. 17Inch rims, high-performance 600cc class engines, mirroring closely the motorcycles you and I ride everyday, and the absence of traction control and any other electronics mean that Dunlop's 'Race to Road' experience is real-world relevant – and can be truly believed.

The Dunlop GP Racer is principally the company's trackday tire that'll manage a few thousand road kilometers, too. Aimed at the apex-clippers, they've kept the core values and Multi-Tread technology of the outstanding previous D211, but added some new skills to fend off the competition and there's plenty of that about. Pirelli's Supercorsa and Michelin's all-new Power One, to name a few.

You may have heard of NTEC, through your friends at the race track. No, it's not a qualification, it's Dunlop's patented technologyu that, basically, allows stupidly low pressures for a bigger contact patch without compromising stability and feel. Imagine 19psi in you current tires? It'll feel like riding a grasshopper. Understandably, Dunlop are a bit vage about the finer details of the technology. It seems as though every tire manufacturer is doing the same.
The Dunlop GP Racer should be on top of your list of options for trackday rubber, without the need to shove in new tires every session. The grip tails-off gradually, rather than the cliff-drop of race rubber, and you'll be able to ride home in total satisfaction, too.

The D211 is available in all the usual sizes and in three different compounds, plus there are slick options and a beefy 200-section to mount on you trackday assassin, without the cost and hassle of converted to 16.5 inch wheels.
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