The Ducati Sport 1000S, the Modern Retro

Why do you want a Ducati Sport 1000S? Because despite the cripplingly uncomfortable riding position, the Ducati Sport 1000S is simply stunning to look at.

I've ridden just about every new bike made in the last five years and can confidently say this latest Ducati SportClassic is is the most uncomfortable to date. Thanks to the stretched riding position, the firm suspension and a pair of super low clip-ons a 20-minute ride had me feeling like I'de aged about 70 years. Is this what real retro riding is about?

And did I mention the heavy clutch? The 992cc air-cooled engine is the same beautiful engine as used throughout the Ducati SportClassic range, complete with bags of torque, a slick gearbox and a great sound. And it also comes with the same super-heavy clutch. Combine the riding position with this and crossing town is akin to medieval torture. An urban runabout this isn't.
Then you try and read the clocks. Despite looking great with funky retro numerals, you con only view half of them, and that's by looking down on them through the screen. Unless you adopt a Paul Smart-esque race crouch that is, and slide back in the seat, rest your chin on the tank and get right under that monstrous slice of retro perspex.

And the there is the suspension. The Ducati Sport 1000S is a sporty bike, and so comes with very firm suspension. Every little bump and imperfection in the road is transmitted directly to your already aching body.

But do I care about any of that? Not a bit, because it looks stunning, rides beautifully when the road is right and feels fantastic to be on.

The Ducati 1000S is exactly what a modern retro bike should be. It takes the best styling components of a classic and puts them into a modern chassis that works. I'm certain owners of this bike won't care it's uncomfortable, because they will be making short journeys and enjoying the Ducati for what it is. I'd love to have one in my garage for that boring Sunday. Only if it was a bit less expensive.....

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