The Dainese D-Air Street - Safety First

Dainese, has been busy in the safety department. How on the heals of it D-Air Race leathers, the Dainese launched its super-trick D-Air Street system.

Dainese's research shows 60 percent of accidents are with cars – and these tend to be hard. So the street system is designed to reduce chest, abdomen and back impacts – by anything up to 75 percent. It does this by the controlled and tuned inflation in three dimensions of airbags in less than 80 milliseconds, 55 milliseconds after the parameters confirm a crash.

The new airbag and inflation method is clever, but not half as clever as the algorithm used. The system uses sensors mounted on your motorcycle's forks to detect a crash in any plane. The system and everything communicates via two separate radio channels. Proper bleeding edge stuff.
The D-Air Street is available in a jacket waistcoat and requiring the motorcycle kit, it's not cheap – but not is your live. You can get more information regarding the Dainese D-Air Street at the new D-Store in Bangkok Tel.02 539-4102Tag: Dainese D-Air Safety Protection Gear Thailand Jacket Airbag Technology
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