The Coocase Wizard V36 Topbox - Excellent 36 Liter Extra Luggage Capacity

Increasing the luggage capacity is something that comes naturally when you’re having a perfect touring motorcycle and the release of the fabulous Coocase topbox range is perfect for that.

We selected the Coocase Wizard V36, which is a 36 liter topbox, and the appropriated baseplate to be fitted. The Coocase Wizard V36 also got a great little LED brake light wired up that supplement the standard brake light perfectly.

Most motorcycle manufacturers do not recommend that a topbox be fitted when using sideway panniers, but so long as you don’t ride like a madman and going over 180km/h you should be fine. In our case we only fitted the topbox so no problems for us.

The standard main feature is the LED brake lights, but Coocase has several options that can be added, this includes remote and alarm for another 1,700 THB, and smooth and good looking inner liner for 700 THB and a USB charger which is an additional 500 THB. The Coocase Wizard V36 (white color) cost standard 4,000 THB and an extra 700 THB for color, so basically you pay 4,700 THB. With all the special features and build quality will set the Coocase Wizard V36 well above most other topboxes.

Imagine pulling up somewhere and locking the box via the remote and seeing the facial reactions form onlookers wondering how you have a remote control that locks the topbox luggage. It’s hilarious! And don’t stress. Should you lose the remote, you do get keys to go with the box.

The added bonus of the remote locking is that it doubles as an alarm when the box is locked. Go up to the motorcycle and give it a good knock and you’ll get ‘beeped’ at, continue by moving the motorcycle and you get ‘screaming’… A relative cheap and convenient way of adding an alarm to your motorcycle without having to tap into the wiring harness again.

The closing of the Coocase Wizard V36 is a nice and easy snick and opening the topbox there is not mucking around, just press the top button and it opens. You do need to watch how you pack things inside the case though, due to the electronics, but once you know about them you’ll see there is an abundance of room.

Fitting the Coocase to the motorcycle was easy. I had already fitted an rear rack which was available from the motorcycles manufacturer and it was a simple case of bolting up the Coocase baseplate and clicking the box into position. To wire up the brake lights was quite simple also – so long as you have basic wiring skills. A big bonus here is that it is the baseplate that’s wired in, not the box itself, so you can easily remove the box at any time.

The final added bonus of the Coocase Wizard V36 is that you can get a number of different colored tops, along with three colored lens kits (clear, dark smoke and red). You can also get the accessory backrest and an inner-liner that makes the topbox completely waterproof, which really adds to that luxury feel.

Living with the Coocase Wizard V36, 36 liter topbox for commuting has been awesome to say the least. I can easily fit my full face helmet into the box with an additional rain oversuit…

If you want a topbox I can strongly suggest the Coocase range – they’re excellent and available in a variety of sizes and models.

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