The Budget Motorcycle Immobilizer

Most modern cars and many modern motorcycles have immobilizers fitted to them. The reasoning is very simple: if they can't be started they're a less attractive target to thieves. And making your motorcycle less attractive is about the best you can easily do to protect it; you can't stop a determined thief without a very major investment in security.

Of course there's always tracking technology, which may see your motorcycle returned after it's stolen, but what I understand that's expensive and not even sure if this service is available in Thailand. A considerably cheaper alternative that might actually stop a theft is this neat around 1,800 Baht little aftermarket immobilizer.

We found it on the Internet and apparently it is an Australian product, they accept all sorts of credit-cards and Paypal for payment. We fitted one to a friends Honda Wave; despite the low price it looks like a quality piece of kit.

As Mr Errol Corby, of owner of Nicita Corby Australia, explains, the immobilizer offers protection against hoons, joy riders and amateur thieves. It is suitable for use on all motorcycles and scooters fitted with battery power; it doesn't matter whether it is started by electric- or kick-starter.
“In the design of the Budget Immobilizer, ease of fitting was an important consideration,” says Mr Corby. “Most motorcycle riders know a little about the electrics of their two-wheeler but if you don't, one of your friends is bound to or if still unsure, ask any motorcycle shop in your moobaan (neighborhood). There are only three points necessary for the attachment of wires.”

You get two remotes with the unit and it can be setup accept up to six more – so if not over eight in your household share a single scooter you can each have your own remote control...
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