The Bridgestone Trail Wing Tires

The new Bridgestone Trail Wing tires on my Honda CRF450X transformed the way the motorcycle handled. Off-road it'd slide easily enough to give a man a thrill but in a nice, predictable sort of way. On road the difference between the Bridgestone Trail Wing tires and the blockier patterns I've run in the past with the usual dirt riding in mind was awesome.

Consider this. After fitting the new Bridgestone Trail Wing tires I realized that the steering head bearing were on their way out. The responsiveness the new tires added to the steering was what made the difference – now I could feel to other problems! Once sorted that CRF450X was a different machine, capable of being punted hard up a wet hill road at night or just as easily jumping a gutter and picking our way through a line of closely packed bushes.
Always good, it suddenly got better! Put that down to uniform traction, something these Bridgestone Trail Wings excel at providing. The Trail Wing tires feel a bit less comfortable, but this could be something I can get use to. The tread of the Bridgestone Trail Wing tires is a so called self cleaning tread blocks for traction in mud and loose terrain. The 4-ply construction for long wearing durability.

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