The Bridgestone S20 EVO Sportbike Tires

Birdgestone has released information on its new-generation S20 sportbike tires, designated the Bridgestone S20 EVO. Intended to 'achieve more sport capability with improved performance on the track' according to Bridgestone, the S20 EVO tire is claimed to offer improved stability at track speeds along with lighter steering without sacrificing comfort and wear life.

The front Bridgestone S20 EVO tire now features a dual-compound tread with a circumferential mono-spiral belt with stiffer five-filament strands in its construction for better stability and wear. The rear Bridgestone S20 EVO tire now has three different compounds instead of two, with the wire strands going from five filaments to two and becoming less rigid for better compliance and more grip.
In order to keep the tire from squirming because of the more compliant construction while also improving lateral stability, the rear tire's bead filler has been anlarged.

The new Bridgestone S20 EVO tire is available in usual Z-rated sizes to fit larger sportbikes, as well as H-rated sizes (which only have a single compound) to fit smaller machines like the Honda CBR300R, Kawasaki Ninja 300 and similar motorcycles.
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