The Bridgestone RS10 Sportsbike Tire - More Grippy more Stable

The Bridgestone RS10 tires, are replacing the outgoing BT-003RS, and OE on the 2015 Yamaha YZF-R1 and Kawasaki Ninja H2, these new Bridgestone tires are designed to offer fast road riders who enjoy the odd trackday more grip and better overall performance.

The Bridgestone RS10 tires have a new tread design, updated compound and stiffer carcass. A new rear tire profile is said to offer better cornering precision and increased exit grip, as well as a bigger contact patch at high lean angles.

The rear Bridgestone RS10 tire is also claimed to be more stable mid-corner and give increased grip under braking and acceleration. Plus, the softer sidewall offers improved damping characteristics for increased bump absorption.
The carcass itself is made with stiffer steel belts for increased rigidity of the tread, which is said to make the Bridgestone RS10 tire more stable and responsive mid-corner. The new compound is also less affected by heat, giving reduced degradation in performance and more consistent grip.

The Bridgestone RS10 tire fits in the companies tire range between the racier but road-legal Bridgestone R10 and the more road-oriented Bridgestone S10. It will be available very soon in sizes to fit most modern race-style machines.
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