The Brand New Yamaha WR250R

As Yamaha already enjoys worldwide massive sales with its hugely popular Yamaha WR250F, the obvious question is why would Yamaha release yet another WR – and a 250cc at that? There's a stack of questions surrounding the new Yamaha WR250R but just one good look at the bright and shiny WR250R will give more than a few answers. No, it's not nearly that same as a WR250F and no, it's not a replacement Yamaha TT-R250, either. The new Yamaha WR250R is what Yamaha has labeled the Supertrail.

The Yamaha WR250R is an all-new machine that will most likely change the way the 250cc trailbike market sits today. First up, make no mistake, this motorcycle was not designed to be a racing enduro weapon; nor is it a soft trailbike, either.

First indications lead you to believe the WR250R is a sharp-edged enduro-based motorcycle and Yamaha doesn't ignore the fact it appears that way, either. Yamaha based the Wr250R on the competition WR250F model for sure, but this motorcycle was designed with everyday convenience in mind.
First up, the WR250R is fuel-injected and that's a big step in technology for a 250cc Yamaha machine. Sure, there's plenty of electrical sensors and gadgetry that will be way over the heads of the majority of riders who ever swing a leg over the Yamaha WR250R. But Yamaha backs it with long-service intervals and a generous warranty. There's no need to panic about the injection system being too tricky for its own good.

Despite the race heritage image, the Yamaha WR250R has plenty of features including a steel fuel tank with lockable cap, pillion pegs, six-speed transmission and a comfortable seat to make everyday commuting comfortable. On the other side of the coin, there are plenty of features that lend this motorcycle well to some serious off-road work such as fully adjustable front and rear suspension, enduro styling, wave-type front and rear brake discs and 300mm of ground clearance. Yamaha has literally tried to create a machine that offers the best of both worlds.

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