The Bike Interceptor Fueling Module - Good Alternative Fueling

The Bike Interceptor is a small electronic 'plug-and-play' fueling module, that plugs directly into your motorcycle's electronics, and more beside that, available for many modern, fuel injection motorcycles. It allows you to custom-map your motorcycle's fueling and there's an auto-tune function too. With Auto Tuning, the software can automatically adjust the Fuel Map for the best performance.

We fitted and mapped a Interceptor fueling kit on a Yamaha YZF-R1 sportsbike and were impressed at the results in terms of smoothness. Direct plug-in cables and a great software package keep installations easy and fast. The Interceptor can control up to eight injectors (twin rails of four, if you want), and it has plenty of room for expansion, as it can handle up to 43 channels and flipping between two fuel maps via a handlebar mounted toggle switch is a breeze.
Using the attached USB stick and the supplied, and often upgraded, software, you can analyzing your data. You can even add a couple of extra sensors and experiment with traction-control. Traction Control is standard on all supported bike models. No extra sensors are required, it works from the original sensors on your bike. Traction Control is intended to be an aid against rear wheel slip only, and is not a guarantee of perfect tire grip, safety or absolute tire slip prevention. Always ride safely and within your limits.
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