The Berik Force Race Suit - Leather Motorcycle Racing Suit

Leather motorcycle suit. If you ever want to feel like a real motorcyclist, bung on a set of Berik Force Race suit. Yep, you’re almost a famous MotoGP racer immediately. Except for that weird hump at the back, the way they nibble incessantly at your nuts and you have to stand like you have a ray in your hands due to the way the arms are cut to be in the right position when in a racer crouch.

Yeah, you come down to earth pretty quickly. But they do look very cool, and when your toilet region gets back to its regular shape, well, there’s a rough chance someone will want to get to know it. Yes, a leather motorcycle racing suit is sexy.

Of course, it ain’t all about that. Fact is, if you are going anywhere near a track without having a motorcycle suit, well, run out the front with a crayon and draw a big line down the middle of the road. See how the crayon is diminished in size and eventually no longer there? That’s you when it comes to abrasion if you come off at speed.

It’s been a while since I needed a new motorcycle suit. My old ones had logos for enterprises that I no longer represent, so a new set was required. And, I’d definitely gone up a size since my old suit. So I ordered this set of Berik Force Race Suit.

On first look the suit is a bit loud, but nowhere near as gaudy as some. The black and white looks classy, and there is the now ubiquitous ‘aerodynamic hump’ that makes you look like a bit Quasimodesque. The air vent in the rear lets the heat out, which I liked. I can get a little squirmy in there.

Reinforcement is in all the areas where you are likely to meet terra firma. There’s the usual internal protectors at shoulders, elbows, hips and knees and double-layer leather reinforcement at elbows, shoulders and around the backside. While they fit snugly and you are pretty limited in movement while off the motorcycle, it all makes sense once seated. The elasticated leather panels at the knees, back of waist and back of armholes help, but I would have liked a little more room at the calf, offering the opportunity to have the lower leg areas placed over race boots rather than under them. There wasn’t quite enough give for that, but they were pretty lightly used and that may become softer over time.

This is a modern motorcycle suit and it comes with nicely understated trimmings of very modern material. The titanium bits here and there look especially super-smooth – a touch of Robocop there.

All in all, I reckon the Beriks are pretty cool and offer as good a protective layer as I’ve used, at a damned good price. You can pay a lot more than this for a motorcycle racing suit, and I can’t see they’d be much better at the primary job of keeping your bits connected should you part with your motorcycle. I haven’t given them the ultimate test, and I’ll be happy if I never have to, but chances are, I’ll be well protected.

I ordered my racing suit from the Berik Brand website in Japan, it costed US$ 599 (regular price US$ 1380) shipping in Asia was free. The cheapest racing suits start at US$ 399 and go as high as US$ 649 with the special promotion.

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