The Benelli TNT25 Tested

In Thailand, a few years back, there were precious few options if one wanted to buy an entry-level, affordable and comfortable big-bike. Recently though, there have been quite a few new motorcycles introduced to the Thai motorcycle market that one can pick and choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. One such newcomer is the Benelli TNT25.

We've ridden the Benelli TNT25 and a few of its direct rivals. And there's no better time than now to compare them against each other.

Although most competition for the Benelli TNT25 is made in Thailand for some time, Benelli only entered the Thai motorcycle market recently. Most of the Benelli TNT25 competitors are well know in the market, and the Benelli single-cylinder 250cc naked-bike is new to the market segment, and strive to put their best foot forward.. The low-end 250~300cc market is gaining much attention from newly buyers currently, and the main competitor Kawasaki has the single-cylinder 250cc Z250SL and the 250cc twin-cylinder Z250 in that low-cost segment of the market. With Honda selling the CB300F as 300cc single-cylinder competitor.
The Italian designed Benelli TNT25 is pretty distinctive by design, it screams Italian design as you look at the motorcycle. The Kawasaki's and the Honda are following the more traditional Japanese design lines. The differences are apparent at first sight. The Benelli TNT25 sports more aggressive, sporty and angular lines. The Benelli TNT25 looks more muscular, generic-looking compared to the similar sides Honda CB300F. The fuel-tank on all models follow the same diverse themes, beneath which, the exposed chassis too, conveys this same story.

A love it, or hate it part of the Benelli design is the distinct Italian style, some would argue that it would make the Benelli only look aggressive without having teeth. The fact is, the Benelli TNT25 is a compact, better balanced and styled motorcycle then it's competitors. The trellis frame exposed below the fuel tank looks nice, and the tail doesn't look like it ends abruptly, as does the rear of the competitors.

What you have to like on the Honda CB300F is the engine performance. The 300cc single-cylinder Honda engine produces a maximum of 27.1 horsepower at 8,400rpm (tested by independent testing). The Benelli TNT25, on the other hand, comes with a smaller capacity, 249.2cc engine, that is good for 24.1 horsepower at 9,000rpm. The engine on the Italian designed Benelli delivers ample torque early on in tis rev range, power building strongly thereafter, as the Benelli TNT25 lives up to its name and pulls hard, all the way to its heady top-end. A long ride down the highway on the Benelli TNT25 can leave your arms feeling a touch tingly with vibes though.

The clutch on the Benelli TNT25 feels comparing to the two Kawasaki's and the Honda a big heavy, and in heavy traffic your left arm s in for quite a workout when crawling through traffic. The gearbox though, is smooth and works extremely well…

The Benelli TNT25 beats all of its competition when it comes 0 to 60km/h, doing it in 3.8 seconds..

Economy-wise, as expected, the Benelli was more pretty good, giving us 31.6km per liter in the city and 34.4 kilometer on the highway. The Honda 300cc gave us very similar figures, 32,2km per liter in the city and 33,9 kilometer on the highway. Of course this figures represent individual riders behavior and are only to be used as a indication.

Riding all 3 motorcycles in Thai traffic feel safe. All motorcycles compared are naked-bike models and riding them over 100km/h make it much less safe and comfortable, the Benelli TNT25 with is not different.

But the Benelli, on the other hand, shoots off down the road, easily holding its line, tracking true as an arrow. It is also the more effortless feeling bike relative to the competition, always lighter on its feet, and with a chassis that much better balanced. Turning into corners on the Benelli TNT25 feels light and wit a neutral feel, easier than all 3 of the competitors. The Benelli well tuned chassis imparts confidence not matter what the riding conditions.

The Benelli is equipped with upside down forks in the front, and a monoshock set-up at the rear. These works well on the Benelli. Benelli have also not hold back when it comes to grippy tires on the TNT25. The test Benelli TNT25 had excellent tires, while the the Kawasaki's and Honda where equipped with unpopular IRC tires that most motorcyclist replace long before they're needed.

The Benelli loses a little ground to the ABS in the Kawasaki Z250SL and Honda CB300F in terms of its front brake. The Benelli TNT25's front brake lacks the braking capabilities of the two ABS competitors, while out performing the the braking capability of the non-ABS Kawasaki Z250.Tag: Benelli TNT25 250cc Single-Cylinder Naked-Bike Single-Cylinder Small-Capacity-Bike 2016
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