The Benelli TNT 600GT - Adventure Bike

It's all about adventure these days and Benelli has joined in by giving you the chance to buy a Adventure motorcycle for 344,000 THB. For our feeling the Benelli 600GT is not a real Adventure Bike, it's more a soft-road sports tourer.

The seat is broad for both rider and pillion and also has excellent grab-rails. It's firm enough to be comfortable on long trips too, a critical aspect when you're looking at long kilometers in the saddle. On the Benelli TNT600GT, your butt is well looked after.

The engine is surprisingly good off the bottom for a 600cc inline-four and is much easier to live with through traffic than a 600 Supersport-style engine. While it doesn't set the world on fire with its outright power, it isn't a motorcycle that will constantly leave you searching for more grunt.
You are, however, constantly searching for the footpegs. They are very lightly sprung and fold up against the frame with the slightest brunch of the leg – and stay there. It's pretty annoying, and more than a few times I left a set of traffic lights desperately trying to tap the 'peg back down to where it should be. I'd fix this quick smart if I owned it.

The Chinese-made brakes look pleasingly like Brembos, though their performance falls short of the benchmark Italian jobs – to be expected on a motorcycle in this price range. While they lack feel, they do the job. The power is fine and the brake lever is span adjustable, though the clutch lever isn't.

The suspension is also made in China – as is the whole motorcycle, after being designed in Italy. The Brembo brakes, Marzocchi fork and Sachs shock that adorn the deluxe version of the Benelli BN600 are replaced here with similar-looking Chinese parts. Still, they work well for the price.

The suspension is particular is very capable, despite only packing rear rebound adjustment, feeling settled over bumpy roads and the motorcycle steers well.

The looks are not going to please everyone, but you know it's a Benelli from most angles and it does have that take-me-anywhere look to it.

Though the Benelli TNT600GT is not a hard-core adventure bike like some others, it will take its rider and a pillion for some seriously fun tours. And if the road goes to gravel, its ride position and mellowness won't mean you have to U-turn. For the price, the Benelli TNT600GT is definitely worth a test ride. Tag: Benelli TNT600GT 600cc Inline-Four Adventure-Bike
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