The Bell Rogue Motorcycle Helmet

And now for something completely different. The Bell Rogue is not a half-shell or even a three-quarter helmet, and it surely isn't a full-face – so just what is it then? The Bell Rogue motorcycle helmet got a love-it-or-hate-it design. Yes, the helmet looks more like something future military combat troops will wear rather than what motorcycle riders are currently buying, but there is a method to Bell's aggressively designed helmet.

The front “muzzle” is what really sets the Bell Rogue apart from other motorcycle helmets, it protects you against the heat, flying bugs and other small flying objects but it doesn't protect as much as a full-face helmet. The muzzle is constructed of two parts: an outer nylon shell that's flexible and soft and a removable inner liner made of cloth. If you ditch the inner liner, the muzzle can be worn loose on hotter days. And for you free birds the muzzle can also be taken off completely when you want the wind in your face.
I have been running the Bell Rogue for a bit of time now, and I get a lot of people commenting about its look, design, and functionality. When I first put on the helmet I quickly discovered there is a bit more to just throwing the helmet on and it fitting well. It takes a few times of wearing it to get the muzzle set up correctly, but once that's done, you can kiss all those unlucky insects and tooth-shattering debris hitting you in the mouth good-bye.

The Bell Rogue motorcycle helmet is DOT-certified, not sure if it has any other test certifications, and it has a five-year warranty (what is basically lifetime warranty, as you should replace your helmet every 5-years). The Bell Rogue is available in sizes XS to 2XL in your choice of black, matte black, matte green or matte gunmetal...Tag: Bell Rogue Helmet Safety Open-Face-Helmet Nylon
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