The Bell Qualifier DLX Motorcycle Helmet

The Bell Qualifier DLX motorcycle helmet is a mid-priced (7,890 THB) helmet which is one of the finest innovations in my years of reporting on motorcycling products. The visor of the Qualifier DLX is made by a company called Transitions and it reacts to available light to become darker as the day gets brighter. It can go from totally clear to completely ark like a race visor and saves the hassle of changing visors or operating a drop-down sun visor.

The visor is by far the best thing about the Bell Qualifier DLX helmet.

The majority of the production cost for the Qualifier DLX has gone on the visor, so there was little left for the rest. There’s no Pinlock, the NutraFog II ‘superior anti-fog’ didn’t work for me and it fogs badly.
The helmet is on the heavy side and the quality of the lining is not as plush as other 7,000 to 8,000 THB helmets. The substantial press studs to secure the removable lining in place dig into my forehead. I can feel them all the time and on shorter rider it’s no problem. After 30 kilometers, however, it becomes annoying and eventually it’s distracting enough to make me want to throw the helmet in ditch an carry on without it!

If you try one on and can’t notice the two studs immediately then you should be okay comfort-wise, but there are considerably better motorcycle helmets available for this price or even less. Another thing that you should keep in mind is that the visor can become so dark that it would technically be illegal to wear it in Thailand.Tag: Bell Qualifier-DLX Full-Face-Helmet Transitions NutraFog Anti-Fog Adaptive Shield Polymer-Composite Sena SMH10
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