The BMW Streetguard 3 Motorcycle Suit

The BMW Streetguard 3 Suit is a seriously impressive piece of motorcycle kit and I'm a fussy person who takes some pleasing For me a textile suit has to be comfortable, obviously, waterproof – absolutely, 100% or it's scrap. And crash protection good enough that I'll walk away from a wet weather or slippery spill. It also needs at least two fully waterproof pockets and be easy to get on and off.

Plus, no gaps between jacket and trousers, zips that survive several raining seasons without breaking and enough room at the collar, cuffs and ankles to get over jumpers, gloves and boots.

On a 10,000 THB suit I might compromise on some of those details, on a 40,000 THB or more top of the range suit, I expect every box ticked.

The BMW Streetguard manages all of the above with ease, I hesitate to say this, but if you can afford it and ride all year round it is easily worth the asking price. No really. The BMW Streetguard looks great, fits well has plenty of adjustment at the collar and cuffs. All the four outer pockets have been waterproof so far and the armor stays in place. The outer material feels tougher and more abrasion resistant than most suits too.

The BMW Streetguard endured nearly one year wear and it still looks and works like new. That's impressive.

The only niggle is a personal one, To get the best comfort you need a close fit and that means no room for my normal trousers underneath, which means you need a changing room when you get there, not just somewhere to strip off your oversuit. It also means the trousers will need washing more often because in the warmer days you sweaty legs are in direct contact.

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