The BMW K1600GT - Great Touring Motorcycle

BMW hasn't lost the ability to build great touring motorcycles of late, but it's definitely gained the ability to build amazing sportsbikes. BMW has changed though as we can see in the latest two BMW K1600GT and fully dressed K1600GTL.

Key figures from the six-cylinder BMW engine to note are 160 horsepower at 7,500rpm, 175 Nm of torque at 5,250rpm, with more torque at 1,500rpm than the Kawasaki ZX10R generates at peak torque. The theory with the BMW K1600GT project was based around lightweight materials: the traditional Duolever front end has been constructed using magnesium alloy, the rear-sub frame from aluminum. The engine covers have also been cast in magnesium alloy. On board the motorcycle BMW is breaking new ground with the use of an adaptive Xenon headlight. Using the same bank angle sensors that the DTC uses to determine lean angle and load, the headlight maintains a constant level view of the road. We got the change to trial the system on a test and it is fairly spectacular. For a headlight system.
The BMW K1600GT also incorporate a motorcycling version of the opinion-dividing iDrive, as found in BMW cars. Mounted on the left handlebar is a rotating wheel, which can also move left and right. This control allows the rider to adjust anything that traditionally would have been a button somewhere on the motorcycle, from ESA settings, heated grips and DTC, through to the integrated satellite navigation. Everything is displayed through a 14.5 cm TFT color screen, and again a hands-on demonstration at the BMW dealer showed it was intuitive and very well thought out.

The six-cylinder BMW K1600GT is a traditional BMW in the sense that it'll incredibly capable, a bit expensive (1,350,000 THB) but thankfully the buoyant feeling among the company seems to have had an effect on the focus of this motorcycle. When the rest of the world are looking at greener alternatives, ways to lighten the combustible load we're placing on the shoulders of the next generation of motorist. BMW has made the decision to build a six-cylinder 160 horsepower tourer with a mountain of torque and a kick ass stereo. And for that, we salute them.
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Tuesday, 15 May 2012 @ 01:24 PM ICT
" a bit expensive (1,350,000 THCool "

Now there's an understatement!