The BMW K1300S - The Special K

Looking at the details of BMW's flagship sportsbike, the BMW K1300S. The inline-four engine has a shorter stroke dimensions than the K1200S – with the 80mm bore and 64.3mm stroke, which give an 1,293cc capacity with a claimed 129kW at 9,250rpm and 140Nm torque at 8,250rpm available at the rear wheel. More than 70 percent of the torque is available from as low as 3,000rpm and the power to weight figures are one of the best in the market for a plus 1200cc.

Despite the two balancer shafts in the horizontally-split alloy crankcases, BMW has kept the K1300S engine's overall dimensions quite small. BMW claims the crank width to be similar to that of the current 600cc sportsbikes.

The small dimensions of the engine, coupled with the forward slant of the cylinders, have allowed the K1300S engine, and the center of gravity, to be positioned low in the chassis for improved handling. BMW claims a 50:50 front to rear weight bias.
BMW innovative suspension methods have gone a step further with the K1300S carrying the lattest Duolever system. A pair of parallel links, attached to the chassis at one end and to two beams at the other, perform the task of holding the front wheel and handlebars. For the rear a cast aluminium single-sided swing arm with a fully adjustable BMW Motorrad Paralever unit takes care of the bumps. BMW claims 'extremely sensitive response together with excellent precision outstanding overall rigidity and low weight.'

At the rear, the single damper unit is electronically adjustable for spring preload and rebound damping via switches located on the handlebars.

The BMW K1300S also carries the partially integrated version of the BMW Integral ABS in conjunction with the powerful brakes.

The BMW K1300S is available in a wide variety of colors with two non-metallic paint finishes joined by several multi-colored variants. The only negative we could think of, with the K1300S, is the purchase price...
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