The BMW Cool-Down Vest for Safety

With the end of the raining season we’re blessed with 2 months of mild weather (for Thai standards), but after that the mercury will rise again. For new motorcycle riders it’s easy to think that you cannot be too hot on a motorcycle. Unless you have experience from previous hot season riding – in which case you know how hard it can be when the mercury’s nudging 40º Celsius.

Riding in hot and dry weather is exhausting and, as concentration suffers as the body overheats, potentially unsafe.

The BMW Cool-Down vest is made from HyperKewl material, this material is capable of soaking up water and evaporate water like the human skin does by sweating. The cooling effect through an higher evaporation rate than we humans can.

The BMW Cool-Down vest could be the secret to avoiding that problem on next year’s trips. You run it under a tap, squeeze the excess water out and wear it close to the skin. It’s thin enough to go under even tight outer garments and, as the water evaporates in the heat, keeps your temperature down by a claimed 6 to 12º Celsius.

The really clever bit, however, is that it doesn’t make your clothes wet. It works best under a well vented jacket or motorcycle suit.

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