The BMW C650 Sport Maxi-Scooter

The BMW C650 Sport is one of two maxi-scooters from the German motorcycle manufacturer. With the other one being a ‘GT touring-oriented maxi-scooter, the BMW C650 Sport is very much a sporty and fun machine. From the looks to performance and electronics to handling, everything is geared towards pure riding enjoyment.

For a maxi-scooter, the BMW C650 Sport looks deceptively small and light. It’s not though: 250 kilograms and an overall length of over 2 meters make this a bit of a lump to manoeuvre around in tight traffic.

The BMW C650 Sport is powered by a 650cc, two-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine, pumping out a claimed 60 horsepower. And as you ride it, you can feel the power: the scooter accelerates enthusiastically and the CVT gearbox is very smooth. Best of all, the engine is brilliant at keeping the revs just right.

With some automatic transmission systems you feel like the gears are a bit high and the revs low, leaving you wanting for more urgency from the engine. Not on the BMW C650 Sport: whether in town, twisty roads or out on the open road the sweet spot on the power band always seems to be there when you need it. And because the engine is so capable, overtaking is no problem even at higher speeds.

BMW has also got the fueling and throttle response spot-on. You can wind the throttle open and snatch it shit without the scooter lurching or jumping. That’s not to say that the throttle is unresponsive though; on the contrary, the response is almost instant, but smooth and gradual. It makes riding the BMW C650 Sport easy and fun.

There are no ride modes but traction control and ABS are on all the time, and the overall feel with rider aids is rather stripped back. And that’s just perfect for this maxi-scooter. It’s fast, simple and fun – all you need in a sporty maxi-scooter.

The riding position is comfortable, with the big sculpted seat keeping you firmly in place. There’s plenty of legroom, and you can either have your feet flat on the footboards or slightly forward, depending on how you like to ride.

The suspension is pleasantly firm, keeping the scoot under control even through fast and bumpy corners. The rear shock is preload adjustable, but for me the factory setting was fine. If you’re carrying a pillion, you might want to add a click or two of preload.

With the traction control and ABS constantly on, you can be quite liberal with the throttle and the brakes. The ABS system works well without being too intrusive, and the few times that I tested the brakes the wheels locked for a fraction of a second before releasing again.

It’s certainly a tempting option if you’re looking for a sporty maxi-scooter. The performance levels are great and riding comfort plentiful, so if you are a high-kilometer commuter or want the power to attack faster roads, the BMW C650 Sport might be the scooter for you. At 525,000 THB the BMW C650 Sport is a pricey one, but it will put a smile on your face...

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