The Arai Defiant Motorcycle Helmet

No matter how good a motorcycle helmet is, after five years its safe service life is over, and it's time for a new one. My last Arai helmet served me so well I decided to get another. My new one, the Arai Defiant, has a new IR front air spoiler edge trim that reduces buffeting, lifting, and wind noise.

And though the Arai Defiant helmet is quieter than my last Arai, the Defiant's ventilation system has been improved via a new neckroll pad that lets more air in from the bottom at slower speeds, and a new chin vent design also allows more air flow.

Plus, there are two vents in the face shield and two on top of the helmet's shell. Of course, all that air must get out, so the Arai Defiant has six exhaust ports. All this in a super strong, complex laminate construction comprised of the latest aerospace fibers, not fiberglass. Adding in the new Arai Pro Shade System, which acts as a sun shielding peak when raised or a tinted visor when down, makes for one helluva helmet.
A friend of my used the Arai Defiant all last year, and loverd it! It's very comfortable and definitely cooler than his previous helmet, which was also an Arai. The only negative point for the rai Defiant is the purchase price which is over 20,000 THB.Tag: Arai Defiant Helmet Full-Face-Helmet Safety Protection
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